Dominic was born in Nuremberg in the beautiful Bavarian region of Germany. He grew up in a culturally rich family steeped in a tradition of music and early on divided his time playing numerous instruments, such as Piano and French Horn and pursuing his passion for skateboarding. As he grew up he had a strong work ethic and always had a diverse set of jobs including a retail skate shop, working at Schäffler, an International Company warehouse and even as an apprentice French Horn maker. In between school and jobs he nourished his passion for the world by traveling and working throughout Australia and Asia. Once back in Germany his studies took him to the acclaimed Fiedrich-Alexander University where he pursued his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration following his entrepreneurial spirit. Following his years of studies, he was introduced and accepted into the international internship program for the worldwide real estate brand Engel & Völkers. This brought him to Santa Monica California where he experienced his joys converging together. Business, culture, helping people realize their dreams and a new country he loved. Immediately obtaining his real estate license he teamed with Chelsea to create the perfect duo. Dominic brings a grounded expertise in business and a passion for life that is the perfect trifecta for helping others make their dreams come true, to fulfil his own dreams and enrich the lives of others.